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Loghaat centre

A great place to learn ! 

 One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞

‒Frank Smith

Here at the  Loghaat  Centre  we understand the powerful, life-changing benefits as well as the challenges and frustrations of foreign language learning. Tricky or overly-demanding work schedules, memory struggles, pronunciation mysteries, lack of speaking partners, new technologies.Our aim is to educate ,inspire and empower both adults and children through language and  culture.

We provide the highest-quality language training and related services to our students and clients at the best value and with excellent customer service. Setting and following high standards of performance and achievement  and

providing a comfortable and inviting learning environment.

Not only are we a learning centre but we offer nursery facilities too.  At Loghaat we will provide a safe,happy,caring,secure and stimulating environment for your child They will be encouraged to develop their capabilities as successful learners through English and German become confident individuals and responsible citizens ..helping your child prepare for their future .




And lets not forget our homework club .What is a homework club?A homework club is a place where your child can complete their homework in a supportive environment outside the classroom and away from any distractions at home. …here your child can come after school and get help with their work they have learned in school  from our qualified professionals The homework club will have a positive impact on your child’s confidence, and the  children benefit not only from the academics, but from knowing that an adult cares for them, and believes in them. Giving them a head start in life.



At the centre we offer a variety of courses for any age and at very competitive prices whether you  want to study for academic reasons or just want conversation in a group or in  private lesson  you can increase your current English or German  level, focusing on your reading, writing, speaking and listening.   So why not come and visit us or give us a call  We are waiting for you ….










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