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Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë was born in England to an Irish father and Cornish mother on April 21, 1816. And though much of her life was marked by tragedy, she wrote novels and poems that found great success in her lifetime and are still popular nearly 200 years later.

Charlotte was just five years old when she lost her mother.In the years after her mother  died, her father  sent four of his daughters, including Charlotte, to a boarding school for the daughters of clergy members. Charlotte  later used her bad experiences at this school—it was a harsh, abusive environment—as inspiration for Lowood Institution in Jane Eyre possibly her most famous novel and one of my favourites .It tells the story of a young orphan girl and follows her life where she finds love ,hate ,and self discovery.It has been said by some  that Charlotte based her novel on a true story as there was a woman named Jane Eyre living in the nearby village .Charlotte  was an avid  reader during her childhood and teen years, and she wrote stories and staged plays at home with her siblings especially with her brother Branwell.For fun, they created magazines that contained everything a real magazine would have—from the essays, letters, and poems to the ads and notes from the editor.She worked as a Governess and a teacher but disliked it but she later used her early work experiences as inspiration for passages in Jane Eyre which she wrote in 1847. Charlotte died at the age of 38 in childbirth

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.

The house in Haworth Yorkshire where Charlotte was born and lived

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